What is Solar Power Energy?

When most people are told to go solar, one of the first questions that comes across is in one’s mind is “what is solar energy”. In simple words, solar power energy is the energy, which is obtained from the sun. Research has shown that without solar power energy, life on earth would not exist. This type of energy is required for almost everything we do on earth. The energy is free and is available in large quantities. Given its importance, modern technology has found a way of harnessing solar energy for different purposes.

You have probably gone out on a chilly day and felt the rays of the sun heating up your face. However, one of the most direct ways of testing solar energy is by using a magnifying glass. If this glass is made to focus the rays of the sun, it can produce a heating effect that can burn paper. It is not recommended that the experiment be done on skin, since it is potentially scalding. The glass can also be used to heat up small amounts of water in a pipe. However, or the water to be heated, the glass will need to be focused for a relatively long period of time.

Essential to note is that today, solar energy is harnessed through the use of what are called solar panels. However, solar panels are merely a collection or an assembly of many magnifying glasses. The panels are used to focus the rays of the sun for different purposes. Solar panels can be used for lighting, ventilation and water heating among others. The panels have a glass front and pipes. The glass front is meant to focus the rays of the sun onto the pipes. Essential to note is the fact that once the sun light hits the panel, it does not get out. In other words, when the light hits the glass surface, it is carried to the pipes. The back of the panel also has a reflective surface, which bounces the light back onto the pipes. The reflective surface, ensure that no or little sunlight is wasted. It is the heat from the pipes that can be used for water heating or lighting among other things.

The most vital thing to note about solar power energy is that it is free and essential for the survival of the earth.

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